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Reflecting Back…Looking Forward

Community Faith in Action had the great privilege of facilitating collaboration and highlighting so many great organizations and relationships within Golden in 2013.  We have the great opportunity to bring folks together, see them use their gifting and watch true change happen within our city.

As we look back, here are some of the highlights as well as some of our HOPES and GOALS for 2014.

Beginning with the Neighborhood Rehab Project September 7th brought over 220 volunteers working on 33 homes in the Golden area, making this our biggest year yet! We are grateful to all those who gladly wore the slogan “I’m a Tool” on their shirt as they hammered, painted, lifted, cleaned, sanded, etc. all in the name of helping a neighbor.

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In addition to growing the number of helpers on the NRP day of service, we are developing  a data-base of volunteers and lead volunteer recruiters within churches and organizations who we can be empower for several monthly projects throughout 2014. We will also be working on organizational development as we appoint people to various leadership positions in order to allow NRP to flourish and strengthen in the coming months. The reward continues to be seeing the joy and gratefulness of neighbors working together, helping one another address practical needs and building relationships with our volunteers. A win, win.  Come and “Be a Tool”! and sign up here.

The Together Church of Golden continues to grow, not as an organization, but a Christ centered relationship between 9 different Christian Churches within the Golden Community.  These relationships continue to be solidified as the pastors faithfully meet each week to pray for the City of Golden,  meet for regular planning sessions and quarterly days away for relationship building.  Soon, a website will be up and running with the goal of communicating to the Together Church members their clear and succinct vision, tell inspiring stories and highlight current learning and service opportunities.  Community Faith in Action has the great privilege of facilitating this relationship throughout the year.

Other communities are beginning to take notice of the Golden Chaplaincy Program for Law Enforcement and have sought out the help of our chaplains in starting new programs!  This past year, two new chaplains were added to a nearby department where we have been able to help in the training and facilitating of their process. Several other departments are pursuing this same help.  One of our goals for the upcoming year is to host a networking and training event for Police Chaplains in the Denver metro area here in Golden.  We are so thankful for the Golden Police Department and it’s leadership team for their genuine desire to see chaplaincy care become a reality in departments across the Front Range.

Other CFIA updates….

Colorado Gives Day, a partnership with, had a very successful fundraising effort, collecting $3,423.98 in one day! Many thanks to those of you who supported this financial effort, living out the phrase “give where you live.”

The Gathering was created by Jeff Fox for businessmen and women in the Golden community to meet as they challenge one another to live our their faith in the workplace. This group will now be meeting twice a month — see the flyer below and help spread the word.


Hannah Corson served two years as our Administrative Assistant.   We had to say good bye to Hannah as she and her husband moved in December. Hannah brought so much to the table and we are so thankful for her sincere heart and dedication to the mission of CFIA and her relationships in Golden. She will be missed!

Welcome to Leslie Fox, who began in January as our new Administrative Assistant.  Leslie comes to us with a passion for the Golden Community, a desire to make a difference  and the right gifts for the job.  We are so blessed to have her on board!


It is always exciting to see local businesses partner with us and that’s just what Bob’s Atomic Burger did in December. For two weekends, they donated a portion of their profit to the Golden Rescue Fund and the Golden Chaplaincy Program. Thanks to all who supported this effort, getting a great burger in the process.  “If it is not messy it is not good!”


A word from DanAs I look back over my journey here in Golden, I am completely blown away by this community.  We live in a place where people truly want to work together and make a difference.  People always ask me, “so…explain again, what is it you do?”  Are you a Pastor? Yes, and a chaplain right? Yes, so what is the difference between those two, well, not too much…And the Neighborhood Rehab Project? Yes I do that as well, and of course you are always meeting with people from the City, businesses, churches…yes you are right.  Explain?”  I do all this with a sense of calling to see this community work together and move toward it’s God given purpose.  I believe the City of Golden was established early on as a place where individuals, families, businesses, schools and churches would thrive in their full God given potential.  I spend the majority of my time building relationships around common good interests, igniting collaborative opportunities to work together and sharing inspiring stories with the community.  Let us all continue to find our place in God’s story as we journey together through Golden, Colorado.

Thanks for taking the time to reflect back on these highlights and for your involvement in our connecting efforts looking forward! -Dan