Written by Wade Morris who invested heart and skill on this project…. Christine is a wonderful person who has been through a lot in her life. She has experienced a lot of pain and being blind, she was obviously a little scared to let me in her house the first time she met me. However it didn’t take long for her to warm up to me. From that day in I was always greeted with a hug.  The project was to replace a toilet and shower. The toilet was not secure and would rock when she used it. This was difficult because she only has the use of one hand.  She never ventured too far away from the work and wanted to know what I was doing and how she could help. A number of times we would sit down and eat lunch together. She said how nice it was to eat with someone rather than by herself.  The shower came out quite easily because it was so old and brittle. Once that was out I saw that the subfloor needed to be replaced. Once the subfloor was solid we were able to start putting her bathroom back together. Now she has a brand new toilet and shower. They are both rock solid and she is so excited!  It was a pleasure to meet Christine and to be able to help her. She is a very kind hearted person and she is so thankful for all the work NRP has done for her!



THANK YOU TO ALL WHO GAVE OF YOUR TIME & RESOURCES…  Thank you for responding to our call out for our April monthly project.  We saw the resources come together in 12 hours!  Thank you to everyone who graciously gave of their resources, time & energy to see this project happen.  Thank you also to 2 of our volunteers, Bob & Tom who stepped up and helped complete the project!  If you are interested in volunteering on one of our monthly projects, you can let us know by emailing


Meet the Board

Meet Ashley Costner who joined our board at the end of 2015.  A few words from Ashley:  “It is an honor to be on the CFIA Board. Working towards sustainability in a community comes with the blessing of so many great relationships. Does it require work? Yes. But is it worth it? Yes! It has been so much fun!”

We are always recruiting new board members.  If you are interested in being involved in that way, please contact