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Mission Statement:

To facilitate collaboration and partnership that unifies and supports sustainable change within community.


Facilitation of collaboration is one of the primary goals of Community Faith in Action. This is done through relationship building in different areas of a community. Through overlapping the faith, business, and government arenas, we are able to focus on getting to know community members with different strengths. The purpose and desire of collaboration is to encourage each member of the community to use their unique resources in partnership with others within the city for its well-being.

Collaboration and Partnership

Building trusted relationships is a strong value of Community Faith in Action. This happens through the initiation and facilitation of a wide variety of conversations with  members from differing sectors of city, such as:
Service Clubs
• Non-profits
• Faith Community
• Business Community
• Government
• Education
• Residents

Unifies Community

What are the values and principles that unite community?
Justice: treating all members of society with value and dignity.
Integrity: to do what we commit to do, to follow through in word and deed to our commitments.
Mercy: this is given through responding to needs with no strings attached. Giving to someone and expecting nothing in return.
Humility: lived out through a selfless attitude, preferring to give others credit before ourselves. Taking time to find the common things that we care about.
Relationships: we take seriously the incredible opportunity to get to know and value those we work alongside and serve during the journey.
Celebration: Choosing to pause and be thankful for the wonderful people we have worked with and outcomes of our experiences together.

Sustainable Change:

This creates the boundaries of our work within community. We want to be a part of facilitating the kinds of things that lead toward systemic and transformational change within the community. The following questions help to measure these efforts:
• Does the effort require collaboration between two or more entities within community to accomplish?
• Does this work address a changeable need that has the potential to empower recipients of the collaboration, the members of the community, to give back to the wellbeing of the community?

*”If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.” – Ancient Proverb