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Things I’ve picked up on the trail!


When I was a child I remember following my dad down the trail during a walk and I would always look for cool things to pickup along the way. My dad would have to work hard to see what I was seeing and often time he would say, you can’t bring that in the house. To me these sticks and rocks looked like a gun or a grenade, it was valuable and worth collecting but to others it might be just common until they look deeper. That is how I see this blog as well, I hope as I pick up things and show you, it can be inspiring and not just common. So take what you like from this trail and bring it in the house, I’m good with it!

New York City September 19-22
I had the privilege to travel with two great guys to NYC, Dave Runyon and Jay Pathak with one mission in mind, to look and listen together for guidance in our efforts to see Denver, Colorado become a place known for God’s people working together for the “common good” of the city. We choose to gather around an event called “Movement Day” hosted by Tim Keller. Prior to this gathering we attended a one day round table at the American Bible Society to meet with 9 other metro cities who are covenanting together to see a wonderful marriage between the good news and good deeds, the kind of heart and passion only God can give you for a city together with the kind of care and service that is transformational. We were challenged to create a culture where the DNA of a city is curious and willing to look deep enough systemically to find the pockets of hope and despair that needs to be highlighted and brought forward into a redemptive process. It was amazing to hear the reports of two cities which presented to the group, Boston and San Diego. Boston and the faith community have done amazing work in the area of “Applied Research” and helping the faith community engage in the right places to bring about true change. Read about Boston Here San Diego has really seen favor and impact within the business community and has engaged businesses all over to address the city’s needs. Read About San Diego here
We are working together here in the Denver area to see groups of pastors and civic leaders work together to address their city’s primary issues. We are currently reaching out and encouraging people all over the Denver area to keep unifying around the good news and service to the community!

4th Annual Jefferson County Prayer Breakfast October 6th
A friend of mine invited Christian Fiadonu (our prayer center director) and myself to be involved in this year’s prayer breakfast. It was wonderful to see both civic and faith community leaders in prayer for the major concerns of Jefferson County. It opened with the Lakewood Police Department Honor Guard entry, followed by prayer for government by Bill Armstrong from CCU, prayer for our military by Col. Chris Johnson, our families by Lynn Johnson Dir. Of Human Services here in the county, for businesses and the economy by Darryl Hudspeth, youth ministries by Mark Jay our area Young Life Director and the keynote speaker Stephanie Riggs from 94.7 KRKS. It was so good being a part of a collaborate effort of prayer for our county. There will be ongoing prayer opportunities within the county on the first Friday of every month. To see locations and learn more about these efforts, check it out here

Chaplaincy at the Golden Police Department
Many have asked me lately how things are going at the Police Department? It has been going very well in reference to our chaplaincy program. The department has recently hired some new staff in for their dispatch center, records department and as patrol officers. It has been great to see how the command staff has worked hard to prepare these staff members for law enforcement work here in Golden. They take them through a rigorous amount to background work, training and general preparation needed to work at GPD. One the things we have instituted over the last year as chaplains is meeting with new personnel and their family members to prepare them for the unique career they and their families are entering into. We have been doing some training around how to utilize a chaplain and our services to the employee and their families. We talk about keeping home life in check, taking care of yourself, debriefing tough work encounters and the numerous kinds of impacts law enforcement can have on a person and a family. It has been great to see how these new members of the department and their families see it as a healthy part of their journey to connect with a chaplain. There are four chaplains and we all feel very honored to be apart of these wonderful servants lives!

That is it for now, until next time, keep picking up things along the trail and telling people what they mean to you.


“Do you guys have to pay to do this” Neighborhood Rehabilitation Outcome part 2


September 10th was a great success. The day started with 80+ volunteers and several homeowners from the neighborhood gathering for a look at the scope of the project, a safety talk and prayer. In the middle of the talk a young boy from the neighborhood raised his hand to ask a question and said, “do you guys have to pay to do this”? This is when I realized it was a profound opportunity to be a volunteer in the midst of our city. This young man saw from the beginning a chance to serve that was valuable and worth while. The crowd broke out in laughter and I explained to the boy that we were here to volunteer and care for people because we love our city.
This boy spent much of the day passing out cold water to the workers, asking to run the power tools, yikes…and just talking to people.

The volunteers went on to refurbish seven decks, paint the exterior 4 houses, landscape, tree trim and much more. There were 35 different work sites being addressed and rehabbed. I was so proud of the Together Church volunteers, attitudes were amazing, people went above and beyond! The food provided by a few ladies from the church was so good and well done. The Golden City Parks Department came by later in the week and chipped up all the tree trimmings. EDS Waste solutions donated a huge roll off dumpster and portable restroom at their cost. This was truly a collaborative effort! Thanks to all who contributed financially, in your time and with materials!

This coming Saturday we have our second of three groups coming through to continue the project. These volunteers are coming all the way from Westcliff, Colorado to serve. They plan to do some more painting, deck refurbishing and general remodeling. Following them October 9th we will be partnering with Faith Luthuren Church of Golden and the Golden Home Depot to complete the project and leave this square block changed from the inside out.

The greatest joy we are experiencing in these endeavors is the relationships that are being established in this part of North Golden between the volunteers and the homeowners. It has been so good working with these folks and seeing so many hands make the burden light. Let’s together continue to see where we can serve and make a lasting difference in the city!



Neighborhood Rehabilitation- 3 days, 3 groups going after 1 block of our city!


Many from The Together Church of Golden and the community will be showing up this Saturday September 10th from 9am-4pm to begin the rehabilitation of one square block in Golden. There will be 75+ volunteers on site to start landscaping, clean-up, painting, light construction and much more along side home owners who desire to do together what would be quite a task alone. The finances that will be used to purchase the materials, has come from the special offering received at our Buffalo Bill Days Worship Service, thank you to all those who have participated in giving!

Later this month a team of men from Westcliff, Colorado will be arriving as well to take on one or two other projects in this same neighborhood. These men are from a local church in Westcliff and desire to move their faith into action within the State of Colorado and not only their own city. They are very excited to come and partner with our city for the well being of individuals in need!

On October 9th Faith Lutheran Church of Golden will be fininshing up the project with several volunteers they will be placing in that neighborhood as well! Not to mention many others spread through neighborhoods all over serving. They have set Sunday October 9th aside as a day of service to the community. I really commend Faith Lutheran for thinking outside the box and setting into action opportunities to serve and cast a vision for the community!

How can you help? We are still in need of donations to cover materials and disposal costs for the three projects discussed above. You can click the “donate” tab above and use PayPal or mail a gift to Community Faith in Action 1224 Washington Ave. Unit #105 Golden, Co. 80401, please just attach a note to your giving that says “Neighborhood Rehab”. Thank You.

My desire is to see people of all types get involved and do their part in seeing Golden become a place where people know they are cared for and a community of individuals who truly work for the well being of our city. A Scripture that comes to mind from the twenty ninth chapter of Jeremiah verse seven says, “…seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.”

Have an awesome week!

Did you know…we are TOGETHER in worship, prayer & service


Sixth Annual Buffalo Bill Days Worship Service!
Parfet Park 10th & Washington St. In Golden 9AM

Did you know…that the Together Church of Golden (bible believing churches from several different denominations) have been worshipping on main-stage annually every Sunday morning of Buffalo Bill Days for six years? Churches cancel their normal services and bring to the park. The biggest feedback I hear every year is, “isn’t that the way it is suppose to be, churches working together instead of fighting over their differences”! I say YES that is the truth and the way God intended it to be! Come join us this year as we worship in the park! This Sunday Morning.


Did you know…that Golden’s pastors pray together every Tuesday morning for their city? It is such a blessing to hear these men and women seek God on behalf of their city government, businesses, schools, churches and many other things! Prayer is truly the engine that drives the church forward into God’s mission verses man’s agenda!


Did you know…that Saturday September 10th, the churches of Golden will be serving together in the rehabilitation of one square block of homes in the Golden area? The offering received at Buffalo Bill Days will go 100% toward this project! We will have work for all skill levels, from light landscaping, feeding the workers and residents, all the way to skilled construction efforts! Come join us by signing up via email at !

Short thoughts…

When is the last time you looked at the Building Blocks Site?

What do you think about the NASCAR Prayer? Praying for my smoking hot wife

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Have a great weekend!

Simplicity, community and transformation, what do they have in common?


Simplicity- state, quality, or an instance of being easy to understand; a freedom from complexity, intricacy, or division into parts.

Community- group of people having a common interests or living in one locality. Two part word “common/unity”. Common is belonging to or shared by all, widespread. Unity is a state of being united; oneness, agreement.

Transformation- act, process, or result of changing thoroughly or mapping mathematically, or transforming; state of being transformed; process or rule of converting deep structures into surface recognizable structures.

As I sat at our cabin in the mountains this past weekend reflecting on the “simple” life and the power of simplicity, I was wrestling with why is it so good to live simple and not overtask ourselves with the complexity of a busy burned out lifestyle? The Scriptures talk about this topic quite often, in the Book of Psalms chapter 37 we see the psalmist compelling the reader to not fret over those running and scheming, but to trust, do good, dwell in the land, feed on our Creator’s faithfulness and as we wait or intertwine our lives with His, He will give us the desires of our heart!

Those desires run deep within the soul of each person, and there are some things I have found in the heart of most individuals that seems to be very consistent. I hear people say all the time, I can’t wait to get away and just relax, I love the small town feel of our community, it would be great to go back about 100 years and live in that pace and so on. People long for a simple life where they can know others and be known! The old Cheers theme song, “I want to go where everybody knows my name and people are the same…”, this is the desire of our hearts!

This desire seems to be wrapped up in the definition of “community” we are looking for a common interest or desire to live into and unify around. I love the idea of being in a community and sharing a common unity that really makes a difference. It is such joy to be in the midst of a journey with a group of churches who genuinely love one another and want to work for the well being of the Golden community! It is good to see how these leaders care for the other leaders within the churches, government and businesses. It has been such a privilege to serve together and join with others throughout the Golden community to see transformational results and systemic change.

We have been involved in a process of moving our community toward a place where the deep structural values become simple surface values that is recognizable by all members of the city. This is transformation, and it takes time, it is a process, and it must be strategically thought through. How do we measure community transformation? It is measured in values, changed lives, peace and hearts coming alive as we experience together the beauty of simplicity and the living into what seems to be a God kind of call and life! This is why we involve ourselves in things like:

Being a good neighbor Building Blocks, rediscovering the art of neighboring

Caring for the poor and needy with food and resources Golden Cares 3c

Providing Chaplains for law-enforcement, fire fighters, and businesses. (new website coming to highlight these opportunities)

Praying for our community Golden Int. House of Prayer

Worshiping together in the park at Buffalo Bill Days July 31st 9:00am Parfet Park main stage

There’s some thoughts to chew on? Love to hear your thoughts back!