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Who is in your path?

You never know who you might run into when walking down a path?  I woke up one Friday morning, got dressed and proceeded to put on my watch, when out of the blue God impressed my heart with the idea, “don’t get to attached to that watch”, your going to give it away!  Later that day walk down the path near the river in our city I ran across an old friend of mine.  He had been homeless and on the streets for years.  We had some interesting conversation through the unfocused eyes of this drunk man.  Then again out of the blue my friend asked me if he could have my watch?  Wow, well sure, I had been prepared for that!  As I slipped it off and quickly gave it to him, these words rolled off my lips, “it is time to seek God for your life”, and off he strolled in his drunken stupor.   Later that month he was at the end of his rope, about to die, and another servant of the Lord provided a way out.  He enrolled in the Salvation Army program and is now been sober and walking with the Lord for over 3 years.  I am grateful for the path, the watch and opportunities to give things away!  Who has shown up on your path of life?  What has God asked you to give away?  Would you be ready for such an opportunity?-Dan

In Target looking at toys, and there he was!

Well the holidays are over and the New Year has just begun!  As I reflect back over our celebrations and times together as a family this saying comes to my mind, “it is not the breaths you take but it is the moments that take your breaths away”.(yes it is a country song:)

One of those moments was when Jen, the kids and I were doing some Christmas shopping at Target and we walked past this Grandpa sitting in indian style talking to his grow child about the Barbie set he wanted to get for his grand daughter.  Jen, says oh my gosh that is so sweet as we slowed down to listen to his desire to get “the right barbie set” for her.  I said quickly, “Iv’e got to get a picture, while Jen and the kids said NOOOOO don’t do it dad!”  Well I did it and got the chance to hear this man’s heart for his granddaughter!

This is my mind is a dim reflection of our Father in heaven’s desire to find just the right blessing and gift for us, His kids!  The Scripture says, “every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of Lights…”.  God is such an example to us as we learn to not only receive good gifts, but take the time to slow down and give thoughtful gifts of kindness to those He has brought or will bring into our lives.  For me this is one of the greatest opportunities in the midst of community, to care intentionally for people!  Are your eyes open and is your heart engaged with God and the little moments that will truly take your breath away?

Happy Shopping!