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“Guardrails” defined: a strong fence at the side of a road or in the middle of an expressway, intended to reduce the risk of serious accidents.

Have you ever been a part of an organization or company that was at risk of a serious accident?  Sometimes the internal guardrails of an organization or company are not properly erected and allow for the potential for an accident.

Community Faith in Action
has two guardrails that are intended to help us meet our mission and not get off track busying ourselves with “good” activity.

1.  Does the effort require collaboration between two or more entities within a community to accomplish?
2.  Does this work address a changeable need that has the potential to empower recipients of the collaboration, the members of the community, to give back to the wellbeing of the community?

The answers to these two questions lead us in the fulfillment of our mission which is:  To facilitate collaboration and partnership that unifies and supports sustainable change within community.




We are looking forward to hosting our 2nd year of the Leverage Youth Event this coming June!  This 3 day event includes serving our local community through work projects with
Neighborhood Rehab Project
and a variety of
fun activities.
If you are interested in this opportunity please contact Kevin Shive or Daniel Coffey.

Kevin Shive
303.947.5643 kevinshive@me.com

Daniel Coffey 303.994.4510


Lee Humans of Golden


Humans of Golden

Meet Lee!  Every month we are taking a minute to highlight a homeowner or volunteer from our Day of Service primarily through social media.  “Golden is a magical place.  The first thing Obama said when he came here is, “How do you work in a place like this?  It’s too beautiful!”  Golden has an attitude of, “We’re glad you’re here.  Please stop in.”  (On having people come help with his home):  “They helped me last year too.  They painted my house.  I’ve been sick.  I don’t like to say that.  I’ve had leukemia and had a bone marrow transplant. So it’s been a battle.  Every morning to see the sunshine, it’s a treat!”