Simplicity- state, quality, or an instance of being easy to understand; a freedom from complexity, intricacy, or division into parts.

Community- group of people having a common interests or living in one locality. Two part word “common/unity”. Common is belonging to or shared by all, widespread. Unity is a state of being united; oneness, agreement.

Transformation- act, process, or result of changing thoroughly or mapping mathematically, or transforming; state of being transformed; process or rule of converting deep structures into surface recognizable structures.

As I sat at our cabin in the mountains this past weekend reflecting on the “simple” life and the power of simplicity, I was wrestling with why is it so good to live simple and not overtask ourselves with the complexity of a busy burned out lifestyle? The Scriptures talk about this topic quite often, in the Book of Psalms chapter 37 we see the psalmist compelling the reader to not fret over those running and scheming, but to trust, do good, dwell in the land, feed on our Creator’s faithfulness and as we wait or intertwine our lives with His, He will give us the desires of our heart!

Those desires run deep within the soul of each person, and there are some things I have found in the heart of most individuals that seems to be very consistent. I hear people say all the time, I can’t wait to get away and just relax, I love the small town feel of our community, it would be great to go back about 100 years and live in that pace and so on. People long for a simple life where they can know others and be known! The old Cheers theme song, “I want to go where everybody knows my name and people are the same…”, this is the desire of our hearts!

This desire seems to be wrapped up in the definition of “community” we are looking for a common interest or desire to live into and unify around. I love the idea of being in a community and sharing a common unity that really makes a difference. It is such joy to be in the midst of a journey with a group of churches who genuinely love one another and want to work for the well being of the Golden community! It is good to see how these leaders care for the other leaders within the churches, government and businesses. It has been such a privilege to serve together and join with others throughout the Golden community to see transformational results and systemic change.

We have been involved in a process of moving our community toward a place where the deep structural values become simple surface values that is recognizable by all members of the city. This is transformation, and it takes time, it is a process, and it must be strategically thought through. How do we measure community transformation? It is measured in values, changed lives, peace and hearts coming alive as we experience together the beauty of simplicity and the living into what seems to be a God kind of call and life! This is why we involve ourselves in things like:

Being a good neighbor Building Blocks, rediscovering the art of neighboring

Caring for the poor and needy with food and resources Golden Cares 3c

Providing Chaplains for law-enforcement, fire fighters, and businesses. (new website coming to highlight these opportunities)

Praying for our community Golden Int. House of Prayer

Worshiping together in the park at Buffalo Bill Days July 31st 9:00am Parfet Park main stage

There’s some thoughts to chew on? Love to hear your thoughts back!

One Response to “Simplicity, community and transformation, what do they have in common?”
  1. Joe Pullifrone

    Great post, Dan. I began planning all sorts of things that I might do when my wife and kids were going to be away for 3 weeks. As the first weekend passed and I did mostly nothing, I realized that God wanted me to take this opportunity and slow down, read, and spend time with some close friends. It’s also been a great opportunity to focus on prayer and find out where God might be leading me. My prayer’s have also been about how I can be a better husband and father and ways I can resist being so self-focused.