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Power of Community Part III

It’s that time of year again that we start gearing up for Neighborhood Rehab Project Day of Service!



Last year we had over 140 volunteers who worked over 1,100 hours on over 30 homes of Golden residents.This year we anticipate around 200 volunteers to work over 1,500 hours on even more homes!

So this is how we see this year going down:  Volunteers will meet at Hillside Community Church (103 N. Ford Street) at 8:30am for breakfast, coffee, and late registration. We’ll have a “vision meeting” to discuss the heart behind this project, which is to truly build community. Then we will discuss briefly why we do projects like this and then we’re off to the work sites throughout Golden for the day! As a volunteer, you can choose to work in several different ways based on your skill sets. If you enjoy more administrative jobs, we have a few tasks that we need folks to fill. We also need a few people that day to prepare and deliver lunches to the volunteers who are working at job sites around Golden via the newly rehabbed Snack-n-Wagon.  And of course we need people of all skill levels to do the actual rehab on the homes! Kids are welcome! Under 16 will be assigned to work with their parents or adult guardians. Around 3:30-4:00pm we’ll all head over to Parfet Park (10th & Washington) where the City of Golden will be hosting a Volunteerism Celebration for city volunteers and all the NRP volunteers. There will be a catered meal, live music, drinks, and even door prizes!

To register for this great day of service, go to and at the bottom of the page, click “register”.  Like Neighborhood Rehab Project on Facebook and stay updated on the projects throughout the year!  Our sponsors this year are the following:  City of Golden, Golden Rotary Club, Together Church of Golden, and Meyer Hardware


Buffalo Bill Days was July 26-28 and we had a great weekend! Saturday morning we had pancakes before the big parade made by the Golden Fire Department and served a meal Saturday evening to the Golden Police officers who were working the event. Sunday morning we had the 8th Annual Buffalo Bill Days Together Church Service where three community members shared their perspective on how the Together Church Cares, Feeds, and Loves.


We took an offering for the Neighborhood Rehab Project Day of Service on September 7 and raised approximately $2,400! The Snack-N-Wagon also made an appearance and folks were able to see the final product.  It was so wonderful to once again be together in worship in the heart of our city.  Thank you to the Buffalo Bill Days committee who always bends over backwards to make this event a special memory for so many.


Jeff Fox, who we introduced last blog as a Community Faith in Action board member, has felt the desire to start a new type of gathering in Golden called…well, The Gathering! This is intended for Christian businessmen and women to meet every 2nd Thursday of the month at the Century 21 in downtown Golden at 7:30am to hear a speaker share around relevant faith in the workplace topics, a prayer time, and networking to encourage one another’s roles within community. Contact Jeff at with questions or just show up as you are able!



Thanks for reading and keeping up with us in Golden! You can also like our Facebook page to stay up to date with events and connections in the community! Have a great week!


Power of Community Part II

Snack-N-Wagon Reveal This Saturday!

Yes, if you have not heard, we have converted an old 1993 Beer Tour Bus into a mobile pantry to feed hungry kids in the summer time starting July 1st!  So many hands have been on the bus, removing seats, cutting in a service window, lowering the floor, installing cabinets and putting in shelving.  Within the  week it will be wrapped with the Snack-n-Wagon marketing and ready to roll down the street!  We are so blessed by the collaborative partnership that has happened between the Golden Rotary Club, the City of Golden, Food Bank of the Rockies and CFIA.  Golden residents have volunteered countless hours on the bus and have to be some of the most generous people I have ever met. This Saturday,  June 29th at the Farmer’s Market in Golden,  come check out the new bus wrap and take a tour of the Snack-N-Wagon! We’ll be next to the Tennis Courts on 9th Street from 8am-1pm.


(Pictured above, Don Bellavance and Todd Henderson doing their magic)

Check out the reveal video online now to get a feel for nature of this bus!


Community Garden Update



There was recently a work day at the community garden complete with a potluck lunch and garden party!  There are now tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, pole beans, bush beans, summer squash, carrots, onions, lettuce and cilantro planted in the garden!  Once the produce is harvested, it is donated to local food banks in Golden as well as several senior centers. Do you enjoy gardening? Here are some ways that you can still get involved with the Together Church of Golden Community Garden plot:

  • Weeding: several times a week volunteers are needed to weed.
  • Pest control: killing bugs
  • Harvesting: between July and September harvesting needs to happen 2-3 times a week. It is recommended that folks do this together, so grab a friend and go collect some veggies for the Food Bank.

If you have kids, bring them along! There are a bunch of really cool plots in the garden this year- including a fruit orchard and bee hive! Check out their Facebook page  for up to date information and email Amanda Strouth ( for more information about getting involved!



Welcome new CFIA board members!


We also would like to welcome Jeff & Leslie Fox to the CFIA board!! They along with their two daughters (Sydney & Emily) moved to Golden about 2 years ago and Jeff works with Century 21 as a real estate agent, and Leslie works with Love and Logic, a parenting company based here in Golden. Jeff & Leslie will bring a very unique & needed strength and passion to the team. Their mixed love of mentoring younger folks and bringing the business community’s voice to the table when it comes to community need is a beautiful combination. This summer Jeff is starting a group called, The Gathering. It will be geared toward Christian businessmen & women and will meet monthly to have fellowship and discuss relevant topics in the work world.





Buffalo Bill Days Together Church Service  FEED-LOVE-CARE


Each year during the Buffalo Bill Days here in Golden, the Together Church has been invited by the City of Golden to hold a community service in Parfet Park. This year will be the 8th year the churches have gathered to celebrate and worship together. Now, if you’ve never heard of the Together Church of Golden, or are unsure about what exactly it is, hopefully this blog will help clear some of that up! The Together Church started about 12 years ago when a few pastors just started praying together, no agendas, no planning, no other reason but to pray. From those relationships that were formed, the churches started actually doing things together. Like combine resources to share a food bank (see for more info) or organizing community workdays to help Golden residents keep their homes safe, dry, and warm (see ). Currently there are eleven different churches with different backgrounds involved at some level with the Together Church. Come join the community of churches for our 8th annual Community Worship Service this year during Buffalo Bill Days at 9 am on Sunday, July 28th at Parfet Park. Take the opportunity to meet community members from Calvary Episcopal Church, Faith Lutheran Church, First Baptist Church of Golden, First Presbyterian Church of Golden, First United Methodist Church, Hillside Community Church, Horizon Christian Fellowship, Golden Church of the Nazarene, New Hope Community Church, Applewood Community Church, and Word Faith Chapel. CHECK OUT our fun new website featuring the FEED-LOVE-CARE focus we are celebrating TOGETHER at or get in touch with Dan Thoemke ( to hear the rest of the story!



Thanks for reading! We’ll keep you updated on what’s going on in the community of Golden!

Have a great summer!

Summer in the City

I know, it has been a long time since my last post! Thanks for all of you who have been asking me to write more. Great things going on this summer that deserve some ye ha over! First and foremost Jen and I just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary, it has been an amazing ride! In September we are heading to Italy to celebrate in style. Cannot wait to spend two weeks with her exploring the land; Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Calabria etc.

Summer in Golden has been great:


I had the great privilege of accompanying my daughter Courtney at the Golden Police Department Youth Academy where the students learned a lot about the role, work and mindset of law-enforcement. Courtney won the

top gun

award. Yes I am proud of that, watch out gentlemen! I am so honored to be a part of the Golden Police Department, they truly do a great job at involving this community in understanding the significant role they play in our city.

2012 Buffalo Bill Days

Another great year at BBDays! Saturday our chaplain team pulled out the BBQ and grilled up some good meat, thank you Custom Made Meals! Many from the congregations donated side dishes and desserts. It is such a blessing to serve the fine men and women at GPD!

Sunday morning we celebrated our 7th Annual Worship Service in the park! It was a great privilege to be the one who spoke this year! I spoke about “Seeking the peace of the City” from Jeremiah 29:4-14. Challenged the church to accept the circumstances of their lives and bloom where they are planted. We are designed by God to live in the midst of community and invest in the lives of those around us. Often times we find ourselves waiting for a better day, or when we have time, and that day or time never comes. God has plans for our lives and often times we feel like the people in Jeremiah’s day who are in bondage in Babylon. But the truth is God knows and has designed the very time and place where you live and invites you to be involved in the peace and prosperity of the city.

Mayor Marjorie Sloan shared with the church, the Cities decision to give us a matching grant of $2500.00 toward our September 8th neighborhood rehabilitation projects. We will be helping homeowners across our city that day with projects around their homes that focus on creating safe, warm and dry environments. This will be for those who would not otherwise be able to fix up their homes. If you would like to volunteer that day please send an email to Neighborhood Rehabilitation with your contact information and we will get you on the list. We need people of all skill levels. If you would like to donate a tax deductible gift you can mail a check to Community Faith in Action at 1224 Washington Ave. Unit 105 Golden, Co. 80401 and let us know it is for Neighborhood Rehab.

This years BBDays worship band was great, made up of youth and youth leaders from across our city, they did such a great job leading a very diverse group of people in worship of our God!

I am very excited for the future of Golden, and believe we as a community are being called into a new season of serving together. The kind of service that not only gives away fish to those in need, but also teaches people how to fish and find dignity in being a vital part of this city! Until next time, engage your community and practice the values of your faith by moving them into action!