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From the SKY to the CLASSROOM

This is the bird we flew on!

From the SKY
Perspective is so important in the journey of an individual. We tend to be either destination people, journey people or a combination of both. Some love to set their sights on the goal and never look back until the destination is conquered. Others, enjoy the process of the journey looking around them at the things on either side of the path, taking it all in. There is no right or wrong way to gain perspective, but a combination of both is key to a proper perspective on life. We never want to miss the moments day in and day out with those closest to us, but we also need to set our sites outward toward the destination we long for. I had the great privilege of flying in the PrayerOne Helicopter this month with some of my dear friends. Christian, Bethany and I were invited by Jude DelHierro and Jeff Puckett who pilots to take the sky and gain perspective of our city. We left Centennial Airport and went around Downtown Denver and back. I was shocked by how small and together the Denver Metro area seemed from 500 feet in the air. It was hard to see the boundaries of the differing neighborhoods, cities or counties. It seemed as though this is how God sees a city. We are so quick to divide and label everything to line up our perspectives based on our experience. I just wonder if often times we make these boundaries based upon our own path, verses the truth gathered from the right perspective and a God’s eye view? I found myself praying through the headset that morning, “God forgive us for only seeing through the eyes of our own cities and experiences, please allow Denver to be known as a place where people work together for the wellbeing of the city.” I believe this is beginning to happen in two ways, people and organizations in cities are really taking serious the importance of working together for the common good and they are also beginning to cross-pollinate with other cities to share needs and resource with one another. We in the faith community across Denver are beginning to catch this wave as well. It has been such a privilege to sit with pastors from all over this metro area who are asking, “how can we do a better job of working together and caring for the people in our cities”? A wave of collaboration around common belief systems and values is surfacing and challenging our perspectives. Lets be sure to never forget some of the basics principles of the faith!
– To love God with all our mind, heart, soul and strength
– To love our neighbor as ourselves
– How beautiful it is when God’s people dwell together in unity…it is there He commands a blessing
– The world will know who we are by our love for one another

See the co-pilot, the smile tells it all!

One of the great opportunities I get throughout the year is working with students from Youth With A Mission who are preparing and training in leadership. I just came off of a great week with 29 of these students studying leadership. We looked at life in the trenches and discuss together a perspective on leadership and the daily habits of a leader. We studied a healthy balance for character development and gift/skill utilization. We examined the life of Queen Esther for our character study and looked at many principles of leadership that is built over time, faithfulness and integrity. We ended the week with 6 real life leadership scenarios for them to work through and a panel of the Hillside Community Church leaders for great practical Q & A’s with discussion. A few of encouraging things that stood out this week:
– We nailed the truth that, “often times our gifts and abilities take us places our character cannot keep us.” As a leader I don’t care how gifted you are, if your home life is falling apart, your integrity is always in question or you just seem to always be to busy for what matters in life. Leadership in earned through trusted relationships and developed with time and intentionality.

-I asked the students to go around the classroom and share with us the answer to this question, “who has had the most influence on your life and why”? It was so eye-opening for them to see that 90% of them said it was a Dad, Mom or grandparent who had the most influence, and it seemed to alway boil down to the fact that they were present and involved. I followed this question with, why then do we as young people underestimate the opportunity to one day become a “great parent”? When asked what you want to do when you grow up, how many young people say, “I just want to be a really great dad or mom”?

-I gave the students an assignment this week which had a big impact on their lives. They had to leave the classroom Wednesday night and go find or call someone close to them they trusted, who knew them well and ask this question, “what area in my life do you see as the most vulnerable to the enemy’s attack, where does he (satan and his forces) seem to mess with me the most”? This was after we studied about King Saul in Israel’s history. Saul was asked by God to completely destroy the Amalekites in First Samuel, and he disobeyed God, leaving some, even King Agag alive. Later at the end of his life in Second Samuel it was an Amalekite who finished him off in his depression and shame. The principle is, “the enemies we don’t destroy in our strongest moments will be the ones that destroy us in our weakest moment.”

I hope this challenges your perspectives on life and leadership!

Leadership Panel discussion at GIHOP

“Do you guys have to pay to do this” Neighborhood Rehabilitation Outcome part 2


September 10th was a great success. The day started with 80+ volunteers and several homeowners from the neighborhood gathering for a look at the scope of the project, a safety talk and prayer. In the middle of the talk a young boy from the neighborhood raised his hand to ask a question and said, “do you guys have to pay to do this”? This is when I realized it was a profound opportunity to be a volunteer in the midst of our city. This young man saw from the beginning a chance to serve that was valuable and worth while. The crowd broke out in laughter and I explained to the boy that we were here to volunteer and care for people because we love our city.
This boy spent much of the day passing out cold water to the workers, asking to run the power tools, yikes…and just talking to people.

The volunteers went on to refurbish seven decks, paint the exterior 4 houses, landscape, tree trim and much more. There were 35 different work sites being addressed and rehabbed. I was so proud of the Together Church volunteers, attitudes were amazing, people went above and beyond! The food provided by a few ladies from the church was so good and well done. The Golden City Parks Department came by later in the week and chipped up all the tree trimmings. EDS Waste solutions donated a huge roll off dumpster and portable restroom at their cost. This was truly a collaborative effort! Thanks to all who contributed financially, in your time and with materials!

This coming Saturday we have our second of three groups coming through to continue the project. These volunteers are coming all the way from Westcliff, Colorado to serve. They plan to do some more painting, deck refurbishing and general remodeling. Following them October 9th we will be partnering with Faith Luthuren Church of Golden and the Golden Home Depot to complete the project and leave this square block changed from the inside out.

The greatest joy we are experiencing in these endeavors is the relationships that are being established in this part of North Golden between the volunteers and the homeowners. It has been so good working with these folks and seeing so many hands make the burden light. Let’s together continue to see where we can serve and make a lasting difference in the city!



Neighborhood Rehabilitation- 3 days, 3 groups going after 1 block of our city!


Many from The Together Church of Golden and the community will be showing up this Saturday September 10th from 9am-4pm to begin the rehabilitation of one square block in Golden. There will be 75+ volunteers on site to start landscaping, clean-up, painting, light construction and much more along side home owners who desire to do together what would be quite a task alone. The finances that will be used to purchase the materials, has come from the special offering received at our Buffalo Bill Days Worship Service, thank you to all those who have participated in giving!

Later this month a team of men from Westcliff, Colorado will be arriving as well to take on one or two other projects in this same neighborhood. These men are from a local church in Westcliff and desire to move their faith into action within the State of Colorado and not only their own city. They are very excited to come and partner with our city for the well being of individuals in need!

On October 9th Faith Lutheran Church of Golden will be fininshing up the project with several volunteers they will be placing in that neighborhood as well! Not to mention many others spread through neighborhoods all over serving. They have set Sunday October 9th aside as a day of service to the community. I really commend Faith Lutheran for thinking outside the box and setting into action opportunities to serve and cast a vision for the community!

How can you help? We are still in need of donations to cover materials and disposal costs for the three projects discussed above. You can click the “donate” tab above and use PayPal or mail a gift to Community Faith in Action 1224 Washington Ave. Unit #105 Golden, Co. 80401, please just attach a note to your giving that says “Neighborhood Rehab”. Thank You.

My desire is to see people of all types get involved and do their part in seeing Golden become a place where people know they are cared for and a community of individuals who truly work for the well being of our city. A Scripture that comes to mind from the twenty ninth chapter of Jeremiah verse seven says, “…seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.”

Have an awesome week!