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The weaving together of great stories…

Weave to be or become formed or composed from the interlacing of materials or the combining of various elements, so as to form a fabric or material. (Webster Dictionary definition)


My wife Jen and my son Josh are reading a book together called, “Half Upon A Time” by James Riley. The book is a weaving together of all the famous children’s stories into one story filled with adventure. This is very similar to the way I see life within community. Every day looks a bit different for me, though at times I long for a consistent view of the landscape, I have come to love the view of the community through the eyes of a lot of good stories blended together.

A man’s Journey back into his community.
There was a man I blogged about in the past who ended up in my path years ago, his name is Dave. Dave lived homeless on the streets of Golden for many years after loosing his close family members to death and then turning to the bottle to find an end to the pain. In 2008 I picked up my phone to call 911 after running into Dave passed out under a tree near the Golden Library. After some shaking and prodding I realized he was alive and just once again had drank himself into la la land. Shortly after this time is when he got court mandated into the Salvation Army rehabilitation program, where he found hope, a purpose and a new lease on life. Dave went through the program with flying colors and re-entered society with a new perspective. He has been living in Denver at a safe house,(good movie by the way, saw it this weekend) working at one of Golden local restaurants and meeting with me regularly to sort through this new life. It has been a long journey of wrestling through the systems of society while trying to get back on his feet. I am so proud of Dave, he has been clean and sober for almost 4 years. He longed for the day he could move back to Golden and experience this community from a new hope filled view. This past Month Dave signed the papers to purchase his own 2 bedroom trailer home in North Golden. He is so excited and blessed by the new start and a place he can call his own. Sometimes our stories take us out of what seems best, leading us to others who can help, shaping new things within our hearts only to return to the places we love and communities that make sense. Dave has been a true inspiration and evidence that with God’s help all things are possible! He is one who’s eyes I have seen a story of hope unfold.

Other great things I see weaving a fabric as I look around…
There is so much in this little community called Golden that stirs my heart and impacts my story. It starts in my home and my own little neighborhood. It is so wonderful to live in a home with such amazing people. My wife is always challenging the things that matter in our home. Her comment the other day was, “how can we truly start a revolution and impact the poor and needy around us?”, and then went on to write about where this thought came from. (future blog to follow). My oldest son turned 18 yesterday and I see a young man alive with passion. I see him pursuing a deeper calling and living with purpose. My two girls are being incredible friends and advocates for what matters in life, they are very sold out to finding the best in life and living in it, I am so proud of their commitment to an adventure larger than the normal flow of a 14 &16 year old. My youngest son is such a model of boyhood to me, he reminds me daily of the warrior spirit in every boy that should be in every man, and I only pray I can help shape his battles in life to be meaningful and ground taking in nature. I move out my front door only to find neighbors who are all about doing life in community, from great times in the street playing, to watching football or just finding great places to go together,(mostly country concerts…oh ya) I truly feel blessed by my neighbors and love that we have all ended up on the same block. Oh and then downtown Golden, what a special place to office and hang out, from all the familiar faces in the coffee shops, to the meetings with people whom truly want to seek out the well being of our community. In one conversation of late, we were discussing the needs of our city youth with many who care from our government, police department, pastors, businesses and non-profits. Later, I am sitting in a room full of the business community celebrating a lot of great collaboration and thriving businesses in the midst of an economy that is not ideal. Oh, and how can I forget sitting in church the last couple weeks, taken back by the passion I see in so many Christ followers who are genuine. I have been in church all my life and have not seen what I see now, not religious people but people of passion who live out their faith, hope and love in such a way it changes culture. I looked over yesterday a saw the teenage daughter of a dear friend of mine with folded hands praying with a passion and that touched my heart. The thought went through my head, what teenage girl prays like that? Not the norm now a days, but it is in this church, I am so thankful. I would go wrong to not highlight the awesome men and women at the Golden Police Department, they celebrated their annual awards this week. I got the chance to sit by one of our officers 4 year old sons who is just so cool, love that little guy. Prayed a pray of invocation over the group, had great conversations and heard Chief Kilpatrick and my friend Officer Hart share incredible stories of cops who saved lives, took risks and live each day with a true sense of calling to protect and serve.

So, I share all this to ask you a question. What is the weaved story you need to tell? This is so important to articulate, it is in the midst of a community story that we are challenged to become all God has created us to become. We are designed for impact, touch and a together journey. Find it, ignite it and live intentional in it!

Here are a few things you should be aware of:

We are partnering with Habitat for Humanity in North Golden, over the next few months, if you would like to volunteer for a day and rub shoulders with people of Golden please email me the date you would like to serve.
Dates and times available 9:00AM-4:30PM
March 9th
April 14th
April 21st

Interns from Horn Creek Camp coming to spend a week in our city March 19th-22nd, want to learn more about community transformation, and tag a long for a day let me know. We will be visiting inner city Denver, businesses, police department and faith community. With this question in mind, “what does it look like to live out the values of your faith in the midst of the different sectors of society.

Don’t forget keep looking at your community from a God’s eye view!