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Power of Community Part II

Snack-N-Wagon Reveal This Saturday!

Yes, if you have not heard, we have converted an old 1993 Beer Tour Bus into a mobile pantry to feed hungry kids in the summer time starting July 1st!  So many hands have been on the bus, removing seats, cutting in a service window, lowering the floor, installing cabinets and putting in shelving.  Within the  week it will be wrapped with the Snack-n-Wagon marketing and ready to roll down the street!  We are so blessed by the collaborative partnership that has happened between the Golden Rotary Club, the City of Golden, Food Bank of the Rockies and CFIA.  Golden residents have volunteered countless hours on the bus and have to be some of the most generous people I have ever met. This Saturday,  June 29th at the Farmer’s Market in Golden,  come check out the new bus wrap and take a tour of the Snack-N-Wagon! We’ll be next to the Tennis Courts on 9th Street from 8am-1pm.


(Pictured above, Don Bellavance and Todd Henderson doing their magic)

Check out the reveal video online now to get a feel for nature of this bus!


Community Garden Update



There was recently a work day at the community garden complete with a potluck lunch and garden party!  There are now tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, pole beans, bush beans, summer squash, carrots, onions, lettuce and cilantro planted in the garden!  Once the produce is harvested, it is donated to local food banks in Golden as well as several senior centers. Do you enjoy gardening? Here are some ways that you can still get involved with the Together Church of Golden Community Garden plot:

  • Weeding: several times a week volunteers are needed to weed.
  • Pest control: killing bugs
  • Harvesting: between July and September harvesting needs to happen 2-3 times a week. It is recommended that folks do this together, so grab a friend and go collect some veggies for the Food Bank.

If you have kids, bring them along! There are a bunch of really cool plots in the garden this year- including a fruit orchard and bee hive! Check out their Facebook page  for up to date information and email Amanda Strouth ( for more information about getting involved!



Welcome new CFIA board members!


We also would like to welcome Jeff & Leslie Fox to the CFIA board!! They along with their two daughters (Sydney & Emily) moved to Golden about 2 years ago and Jeff works with Century 21 as a real estate agent, and Leslie works with Love and Logic, a parenting company based here in Golden. Jeff & Leslie will bring a very unique & needed strength and passion to the team. Their mixed love of mentoring younger folks and bringing the business community’s voice to the table when it comes to community need is a beautiful combination. This summer Jeff is starting a group called, The Gathering. It will be geared toward Christian businessmen & women and will meet monthly to have fellowship and discuss relevant topics in the work world.





Buffalo Bill Days Together Church Service  FEED-LOVE-CARE


Each year during the Buffalo Bill Days here in Golden, the Together Church has been invited by the City of Golden to hold a community service in Parfet Park. This year will be the 8th year the churches have gathered to celebrate and worship together. Now, if you’ve never heard of the Together Church of Golden, or are unsure about what exactly it is, hopefully this blog will help clear some of that up! The Together Church started about 12 years ago when a few pastors just started praying together, no agendas, no planning, no other reason but to pray. From those relationships that were formed, the churches started actually doing things together. Like combine resources to share a food bank (see for more info) or organizing community workdays to help Golden residents keep their homes safe, dry, and warm (see ). Currently there are eleven different churches with different backgrounds involved at some level with the Together Church. Come join the community of churches for our 8th annual Community Worship Service this year during Buffalo Bill Days at 9 am on Sunday, July 28th at Parfet Park. Take the opportunity to meet community members from Calvary Episcopal Church, Faith Lutheran Church, First Baptist Church of Golden, First Presbyterian Church of Golden, First United Methodist Church, Hillside Community Church, Horizon Christian Fellowship, Golden Church of the Nazarene, New Hope Community Church, Applewood Community Church, and Word Faith Chapel. CHECK OUT our fun new website featuring the FEED-LOVE-CARE focus we are celebrating TOGETHER at or get in touch with Dan Thoemke ( to hear the rest of the story!



Thanks for reading! We’ll keep you updated on what’s going on in the community of Golden!

Have a great summer!



Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.

Guillaume Apollinaire


Sometimes it’s just good to stop, remember, and celebrate. 2012 was definitely a full year for Community Faith in Action and we would like to remember some of the things that happened this past year with you!

  • Hannah Groth started working part time as an assistant with CFIA and she was able to just jump right into everything going on in Golden these days! Her main focus is communication between community members, whether that’s getting coffee or emailing information. She has really enjoyed getting to know the leaders and community members in Golden.
  • We also really focused this past year on documenting and communicating the various relationships and projects that have added so much value to this organization. We were able to fine-tune our mission statement (To facilitate collaboration and partnership that unifies and supports sustainable change within community), communicate our vision and values we operate under, collect the past 3 years of financial information, combine this and so much more on our new website! We were also able to begin a partnership with an online giving site (, soon to be and also participate in Colorado Gives Day on December 4th.
  • Another significant project we’d like to take time to celebrate is Neighborhood Rehab Project. This started 2 years ago as a one day project with lots of volunteers who had a passion to help their neighbors keep their homes safe, dry, and warm. This year we had over 140 volunteers who worked on over 30 homes and put in over 1,100 hours! We were able to raise about $8,150.00 from grants and private donations to go towards this project day. We developed a website,  to communicate this vision and passion. There was so much need, and so much interest in helping, that we decided we needed several on-going teams to participate in NRP workdays throughout the year! If you have any interest in giving a Saturday every couple of months to help keep residents in Golden safe, warm, and dry, check out our website!
  • We also would like to celebrate our partners and good friends through the Together Church of Golden. The folks that we meet with to plan together, listen to one another, pray for each other have been such a huge part of the heart and soul behind Community Faith in Action. This past year, starting in March, every church prayed for the church designated for that month. This was such a valuable experience to partner with each other’s congregations weekly.  This year we will be praying for our golden schools.  One each month for all the churches to focus on.
  • We can’t forget the Golden Chaplaincy Program success with companies like EDS Waste Solutions, Staging Denver, and the Golden Police Department. Hundreds of hours were dedicated by chaplains in service to employees and their families within these organizations.   It is so wonderful to see how the services of a chaplain are being utilized in the workplace.  We are currently helping Edgewater PD, Wheatridge PD and other agencies on the western slopes create and train for a chaplaincy program.  For more information about these services go to:
  • We are looking forward to a new project and partnership between Neighborhood Rehab Project and the Golden Rotary Club’s Golden Backpack Program! Every weekend during the school year the GBP provides food for 500-600 kids. In the past few years during the summers a free lunch has also been offered at a local elementary school, but an average of 90 kids came, which leaves around 500 kids that normally take food, without. With a release date of July 1, 2013, there will now be an alternative for those extra 500 kids: the Snack-N-Wagon! With a recent donation of an old brewery bus, there are now plans in action to rehab the bus into a mobile food pantry called the Snack-N-Wagon that will go to 2-3 sites each day, Monday-Friday, around lunch time in the summers and provide kids food in their own neighborhoods. There is still much to do regarding this new and exciting project, but we have a great start with lots of great minds thinking through the best ways to feed hungry kids in Golden!

Well, those are just a few things that we want to celebrate with you!

Have a great week!