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“Do you guys have to pay to do this” Neighborhood Rehabilitation Outcome part 2


September 10th was a great success. The day started with 80+ volunteers and several homeowners from the neighborhood gathering for a look at the scope of the project, a safety talk and prayer. In the middle of the talk a young boy from the neighborhood raised his hand to ask a question and said, “do you guys have to pay to do this”? This is when I realized it was a profound opportunity to be a volunteer in the midst of our city. This young man saw from the beginning a chance to serve that was valuable and worth while. The crowd broke out in laughter and I explained to the boy that we were here to volunteer and care for people because we love our city.
This boy spent much of the day passing out cold water to the workers, asking to run the power tools, yikes…and just talking to people.

The volunteers went on to refurbish seven decks, paint the exterior 4 houses, landscape, tree trim and much more. There were 35 different work sites being addressed and rehabbed. I was so proud of the Together Church volunteers, attitudes were amazing, people went above and beyond! The food provided by a few ladies from the church was so good and well done. The Golden City Parks Department came by later in the week and chipped up all the tree trimmings. EDS Waste solutions donated a huge roll off dumpster and portable restroom at their cost. This was truly a collaborative effort! Thanks to all who contributed financially, in your time and with materials!

This coming Saturday we have our second of three groups coming through to continue the project. These volunteers are coming all the way from Westcliff, Colorado to serve. They plan to do some more painting, deck refurbishing and general remodeling. Following them October 9th we will be partnering with Faith Luthuren Church of Golden and the Golden Home Depot to complete the project and leave this square block changed from the inside out.

The greatest joy we are experiencing in these endeavors is the relationships that are being established in this part of North Golden between the volunteers and the homeowners. It has been so good working with these folks and seeing so many hands make the burden light. Let’s together continue to see where we can serve and make a lasting difference in the city!



Neighborhood Rehabilitation- 3 days, 3 groups going after 1 block of our city!


Many from The Together Church of Golden and the community will be showing up this Saturday September 10th from 9am-4pm to begin the rehabilitation of one square block in Golden. There will be 75+ volunteers on site to start landscaping, clean-up, painting, light construction and much more along side home owners who desire to do together what would be quite a task alone. The finances that will be used to purchase the materials, has come from the special offering received at our Buffalo Bill Days Worship Service, thank you to all those who have participated in giving!

Later this month a team of men from Westcliff, Colorado will be arriving as well to take on one or two other projects in this same neighborhood. These men are from a local church in Westcliff and desire to move their faith into action within the State of Colorado and not only their own city. They are very excited to come and partner with our city for the well being of individuals in need!

On October 9th Faith Lutheran Church of Golden will be fininshing up the project with several volunteers they will be placing in that neighborhood as well! Not to mention many others spread through neighborhoods all over serving. They have set Sunday October 9th aside as a day of service to the community. I really commend Faith Lutheran for thinking outside the box and setting into action opportunities to serve and cast a vision for the community!

How can you help? We are still in need of donations to cover materials and disposal costs for the three projects discussed above. You can click the “donate” tab above and use PayPal or mail a gift to Community Faith in Action 1224 Washington Ave. Unit #105 Golden, Co. 80401, please just attach a note to your giving that says “Neighborhood Rehab”. Thank You.

My desire is to see people of all types get involved and do their part in seeing Golden become a place where people know they are cared for and a community of individuals who truly work for the well being of our city. A Scripture that comes to mind from the twenty ninth chapter of Jeremiah verse seven says, “…seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.”

Have an awesome week!