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The Power of Community

Happy Spring from Community Faith in Action!  After several late snows (and maybe even more to come!) we are enjoying this warmer weather- along with the rest of Golden! We recently moved offices and now have a great view of South Table! Come visit us at 1211 Cheyenne Street.




Golden is such an amazing town to live in and it is such a privilege to participate in the many partnerships and collaborations that the folks in this city promote. We see the value of the diversity of strengths & talents that are needed to start and complete a project. We see (and hope for) the sustainable change that occurs as a result of the unity of the various organizations & residents. Here are a few updates on several projects that are currently going on in the Golden community.


Neighborhood Rehab Update.

There has been a lot of movement lately with NRP.  A few weeks ago there was a workday with nine people working on repairing a roof and trailer skirting in north Golden.  The project went great and these folks really got after it.  Thank you, Graham our project manager, Jeff C., Robert, Jeff P., Terry, Alan,  Dave, Dan W. and Dan T.   Another volunteer project has been planned for a few people to work on a painting project in the next few weeks. Based on the needs that we continue to hear of, our goal is to have an organized project day once a month, giving folks an opportunity to serve their neighbors.  There are more projects coming our way!  If you are interested in volunteering or receiving more information visit

You saw our last post about the beer bus that we plan to convert to a mobile food pantry?



The Snack-N-Wagon has also been gaining support through a Facebook campaign that the Golden Backpack Program initiated, where people from all over the community and world have been voting daily in support of these efforts.  We have won a $20K grant from Walmart for the rehab of the bus and it’s initial program costs!   This bus will travel Monday-Friday July 1st-August 31st to two sites within Golden to feed hungry kids.


Chaplaincy Update

The Golden Chaplaincy has now been serving Golden police officers for 6 years and there has been opportunity for expansion and additional trainings for other police departments who are interested in starting or strengthening their police department‘s chaplaincy program. This training is a “3-Phase “ training that helps the chaplain learn the culture of law-enforcement as well as the skills necessary to serve those who serve us with clarity. Edgewater & Wheat Ridge are two other departments that have shown interest in developing a chaplaincy program.  We have begun this process with these two departments and hope to be into the training phases soon.  To learn more about Golden Chaplaincy go to,


Welcome to Golden

We would like to welcome some amazing folks to the Golden community: Applewood Community Church,  the Summers Family, and CFIA’s newest board member, Thom Norlund!


Applewood Community Church 

This church has been in the neighborhood for quite some time (20 years!), the Together Church of Golden welcomed these amazing folks into the group of churches represented.  We are looking forward to an on-going relationship with them.  Welcome Applewood!!


Summers Family


The Summers just recently moved back to CO after a short stint in Texas where they had their first daughter, Mallory.  As YoungLife directors, they are both passionate about teenagers. Olly says, “I firmly believe in the pure representation of the Gospel that YoungLife can bring to students and adults” and this example through his YoungLife leader in high school was central to his own experience. After being in Colorado for just over two months, Olly has this to say about the Golden community, “In my short stint on staff, I have seen so much eagerness, excitement, and opportunity to do something great here in this community. God is certainly on the move and the talents and passion of all the people I have met so far are astounding. If you are at all eager to get involved any way you can, please feel free to contact me and I would love to get together for a cup of coffee, round of golf, or duck hunt.” You can get to know the Summers and welcome them to the Golden community by emailing them at

Thom Norlund

Thom is CFIA’s newest board member!

As a Colorado native, Thom spent his youth in Granby and later in Golden. After spending several years in Texas working in private industry and consulting, he has returned to the Golden area. When weather permits, he retreats to the mountains of Colorado for camping trips or to Missouri to visit his grandchildren.  Thom is currently the President and Principal Partner of Tenor Global.  Tenor Global serves business, government, education (K-12 & collegiate), non-profit, not-for-profit and faith-based sectors of the economy. Tenor Global specializes in leadership development, strategic planning and deployment, customer-focus and advocacy, the use of data and organizational knowledge, employee development and engagement, process management and improvement, benchmarking, and tax and accounting services. Tenor Global has worked with several organizations that have become state and national role-models and award recipients for Performance Excellence.  Thom’s experience includes senior leadership positions in corporate environments, ministry, and church leadership. He has been a member of the board of directors with four non-profit organizations, chairman of two non-profit boards, and senior advisor to several other non-profit groups.

Thom finds his inspiration for ministry in the book of Nehemiah where God provided instruction for the rebuilding the city of Jerusalem and from 1 Corinthians 12:12-27 (describing the body of Christ). From these scriptures, Thom believes that churches are responsible for (re)-building and demonstrating the body of Christ. Through intentional collaboration, everyone’s unique talents, skills, and resources can be organized to serve communities, nations, and the world.


Thanks for reading & we’ll keep you updated in the coming months about these projects!