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Tapping the Power of Community

60e68e4490a9351c0393d47c3399f81bLet us introduce you to a family in Golden who has experienced the true power of Community. In the fall of 2013, Colorado experienced historical amounts of rain and flooding. There were several families in Golden who experienced severe damage requiring tons of mitigation and repairs. The Neighborhood Rehab Project received a request from one of our local elementary school staff members who was moved with compassion for one of these families who had suffered from the flooding. This staff member asked if we would be willing to reach out and see how we could help. Graham Fetyko, our lead assessor, went out to visit this family and check out the damages. To his surprise, he found a family in desperate need, not wanting to ask anyone for help, but who also knew this was a time to depend on the power of those in the community. Graham discovered a contaminated well, bad appliances, a destroyed basement and many other problems that made this home a hazard to their health. There was a decision to be made, should this family pick up and leave the community and home they loved so dearly or stick it out believing that with the right connections this whole house could undergo repairs and be a home again?   The property damages came in at a staggering $80,000 to be restored. The Neighborhood Rehab Project team decided we would walk along side this family doing the research needed to see what organizations, businesses, government agencies and volunteers would be willing to give in the restoration process. Once again, this amazing community rose to the occasion; J&R Electric Company discounted their services, Imagine360 discounted their work, the local Salvation Army committee made a donation, Jefferson County Housing Authority provided a grant and a deferred loan and many volunteers from the Neighborhood Rehab Project stepped up to the call. The $80K quickly whittled down to approximately $39K, an over 50% savings. Together, this community has made a difference! No one wants to ask for help in times of need, when circumstances and decision-making feels crippling, but we have yet again seen the power of collaboration, we have experienced the joy of working together and this family will forever be our friends.   If you are interested in being a part of stories like this, please reach out and let us know that you want to “be a tool” by visiting our website, volunteering or donating.

Better Block GoldenBetter Block Golden is creating today what could exist tomorrow in Miner’s Alley, downtown Golden. You are invited to come help (or just watch the process) as we build and enjoy the Alley for one day, showing our city what it could be! The Alley has historically been a functional space for deliveries but today, businesses are popping up and the area is crying for revitalization. On Saturday May 31, we will be coming together to build community, figuratively and physically. Residents and business owners alike will be coming together for a “ONE DAY PARTY” as we build temporary stages for music, seating, foliage, paint, etc. There will be plenty of work to do but it will be filled with camaraderie and good times … which seems to just happen when Golden folks come together. The purpose of this day will be to get the ball rolling toward what can permanently be done in the future to create a great Miner’s Alley for Golden. So, come and be a part of casting the vision — from dawn to dusk May 31st.

Meet Melinda Warner and Amanda Strouth: Two ladies who answered the call to step up and volunteer to oversee the Together Church of Golden garden plot in the Golden Community Garden. The plot was acquired about 5 years ago but was in great need of having someone coordinate volunteers for the weekly maintenance as well as the planting and harvest days. Both Melinda and Amanda speak of the joy they have found in taking part of a community effort to help provide fresh, beautiful produce to those in need. Last year, 900 pounds of food was distributed to others locally through the Christian Action Guild.
Even though they have filled the coordinating role, they want to encourage others to come and be involved. You can give as little as an hour a week to help with weekly weeding or harvesting later in the season. Amanda encourages folks to “not be intimidated, but to just COME and we will show you and teach you what to do.”  This environment is a wonderful place to learn from other gardeners and their expertise. Also, both ladies welcome children to come with their parents to volunteer so they can begin to see the process of gardening.
These ladies are a lovely example of hearing about an opportunity, responding and reaping the benefits of being involved in community service. May we all be encouraged to do the same…What are you being called to do? How can you begin to play a role in your neighborhood, church, community?
If you would like to become involved in the Together Church of Golden garden, or have any questions, please contact Amanda here.

“I love gardening so for me this made sense. I had been looking something
to do, to spend my time and to be of service. This was a no brain-er.”   – Melinda

TCG garden plot at The Golden Community Garden

TCG plot at the Golden Community Garden

Evidence of the hard work already put forth!

Evidence of the hard work already put forth…

Volunteers working the garden on planting day

Volunteers working in the garden on planting day. Thank you to those who came!