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CFIA Fall 2015


BE A TOOL… SIGN UP HERE FOR Neighborhood Rehab Project Be A Tool Day of Service !

Day of Service: September 12 we will come together to serve the Golden community at our 5th Annual Be A Tool Day of Service.  If you haven’t signed up, it’s not too late! Registration will close September 7.  Go to: to sign up!

Our 2nd annual Be A Tool 5K Elf Run will happen November 28, so mark those calendars, gather your elfin ware and be a part of this great event.  Sign up will be open by Sept. 12th!

Intern pic


This summer we had the privilege of having 3 amazing interns working with us.  Courtney Thoemke, Jordan Cunningham, and Casey Quinlisk partnered with Community Faith In Action and spent many hours investing in all that is happening at CFIA.  From movie help, construction projects, Leverage Youth Day of Service, to writing, logistics, social media research, data updating and just being who God has made them to be, what a joy and help it was to have them!  They are all off at college again, but before finishing out the summer, they took some time to give us feedback of their experience.  Here are a couple of highlights for each…

Courtney:  “I enjoyed the community aspect that I was able to experience during this internship. Being surrounded by so many different types of people the entire summer was so awesome because I was able to see the different skills and gifts that each person had and why they are working in the field that they work in.”

Jordan:  “If I were to break down all the learning done this summer I would have to say the construction experience was what I learned most about. However one of the more important things I have come to realize is that just one person, given the right motivation can change a life, or even a community.

Casey:  “I will be able to use just about everything I experienced this summer towards my future career. Learning about business has been more of a subconscious journey this summer. Simply observing people interact gave me knowledge about how to interact with people professionally and courteously.”



Bob Lupton on Neighboring

Have you ever wondered about the 2nd Greatest Commandment? You know the one that comes after, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind…? How does that verse end? “And love your neighbor as yourself”. In February 2015, Bob was in town and touched on this idea around neighboring. “The best practice in regards to community development is to move into a neighborhood and become a good neighbor.” It seems a simple concept, but with overwhelming results. As I read this quote – all I could think of was the impact a good neighbor can make in the lives of others. I can think of countless times that neighbors have stepped in and shown us  love through their hearts, souls, strengths and minds. What could that look like? Isn’t that the beauty of mankind?… It looks so many different ways! To one it could look like a listening ear, to another it could look like lending a trailer, to another an afternoon spent watching a neighbor’s children, to another an encouraging note, to another bringing a meal during a difficult time or just because, to another remembering a birthday, to another a phone call to check in, to another a lawn mowed or a dog walked. The list seriously could go on and on and on. But one thing that could stop this list short is the simple assumption that you know your neighbor. If we don’t know our neighbor we are limited in how we can extend love and grace to them. If we think about loving our neighbor as ourself – would that not include knowing them? We certainly know ourselves – our likes, dislikes, struggles, victories, our history, our dreams, gifts, talents, treasures, quirks, fears, etc… For many it’s taken years to even uncover some of those things personally – but what an amazing directive to love our neighbor as ourself. We have the opportunity to know others and love them how we love ourselves – and don’t we want the best for ourselves? Click here for a post from Bob Lupton titled Neighboring 101.