A hearty thank you


Written by Wade Morris who invested heart and skill on this project…. Christine is a wonderful person who has been through a lot in her life. She has experienced a lot of pain and being blind, she was obviously a little scared to let me in her house the first time she met me. However it didn’t take long for her to warm up to me. From that day in I was always greeted with a hug.  The project was to replace a toilet and shower. The toilet was not secure and would rock when she used it. This was difficult because she only has the use of one hand.  She never ventured too far away from the work and wanted to know what I was doing and how she could help. A number of times we would sit down and eat lunch together. She said how nice it was to eat with someone rather than by herself.  The shower came out quite easily because it was so old and brittle. Once that was out I saw that the subfloor needed to be replaced. Once the subfloor was solid we were able to start putting her bathroom back together. Now she has a brand new toilet and shower. They are both rock solid and she is so excited!  It was a pleasure to meet Christine and to be able to help her. She is a very kind hearted person and she is so thankful for all the work NRP has done for her!



THANK YOU TO ALL WHO GAVE OF YOUR TIME & RESOURCES…  Thank you for responding to our call out for our April monthly project.  We saw the resources come together in 12 hours!  Thank you to everyone who graciously gave of their resources, time & energy to see this project happen.  Thank you also to 2 of our volunteers, Bob & Tom who stepped up and helped complete the project!  If you are interested in volunteering on one of our monthly projects, you can let us know by emailing info@beatool.org


Meet the Board

Meet Ashley Costner who joined our board at the end of 2015.  A few words from Ashley:  “It is an honor to be on the CFIA Board. Working towards sustainability in a community comes with the blessing of so many great relationships. Does it require work? Yes. But is it worth it? Yes! It has been so much fun!”

We are always recruiting new board members.  If you are interested in being involved in that way, please contact beth.cfia@gmail.com


Community Engagement

UntitledWe are looking forward to hosting our 2nd year of the Leverage Youth Event this coming June!  This 3 day event includes serving our local community through work projects with Neighborhood Rehab Project and a variety of
fun activities.  If you are interested in this opportunity please contact Kevin Shive or Daniel Coffey.              Kevin Shive 303.947.5643 kevinshive@me.com  Daniel Coffey 303.994.4510 daniel.coffey77@gmail.com

IMG_1845Rocky Mountain Police Chaplains Update written by Kevin Shive.
We are faced with a difficult season which is directly impacting our Law Enforcement Family.  There have been 14 officers shot in Colorado over the past three months and many line of duty deaths.
This is a horrendous reality.  And this is a powerful reminder that Chaplains are essential to encourage, support and serve our Law Enforcement Family. Chaplains should be a vital aspect of every Law Enforcement agency.  Our relationships with Officers, Support Staff and Families are a priority for our daily activity and interaction.  Rocky Mountain Police Chaplains was established from a vision to unify Police Chaplains with our region.  The vision to create collaborative and interactive relationships have formed because of the necessity to organize our efforts and resources.  We grew from the need to serve those that serve us.
Our mission is to connect and organize Police Chaplains, develop trusted relationships between Chaplains, equip and train with excellence and consistency, assist in the development of new programs and prepare for large multi-agency crisis response situations.
Currently, we have over 28 agencies and 54 Chaplains serving with Rocky Mountain Police Chaplains.  This number is growing monthly as agencies trust our intentions and see our actions.  It is our goal to have a Chaplain serving in every agency within our Rocky Mountain Region.  A few years ago this idea would have seemed insurmountable.  However, it appears to be within reach and we are passionate about serving those that serve us.                                                                          

Thoughts from Don & Taryn on being on the CFIA Board:  DonandTaryn                                                                     “It’s been such a blessing to be involved with CFIA and witness the impact our programs are making in Golden and beyond.  It’s made us realize how collaboration between business, faith and government can really impact and facilitate community in endless ways.  In particular, we love working on the 5K each year and seeing how the fundraising event itself brings the community together for purpose, fun & fitness.”

Guardrails, Humans of Golden, & Leverage Youth Event

Untitled design

“Guardrails” defined: a strong fence at the side of a road or in the middle of an expressway, intended to reduce the risk of serious accidents.

Have you ever been a part of an organization or company that was at risk of a serious accident?  Sometimes the internal guardrails of an organization or company are not properly erected and allow for the potential for an accident.

Community Faith in Action
has two guardrails that are intended to help us meet our mission and not get off track busying ourselves with “good” activity.

1.  Does the effort require collaboration between two or more entities within a community to accomplish?
2.  Does this work address a changeable need that has the potential to empower recipients of the collaboration, the members of the community, to give back to the wellbeing of the community?

The answers to these two questions lead us in the fulfillment of our mission which is:  To facilitate collaboration and partnership that unifies and supports sustainable change within community.




We are looking forward to hosting our 2nd year of the Leverage Youth Event this coming June!  This 3 day event includes serving our local community through work projects with
Neighborhood Rehab Project
and a variety of
fun activities.
If you are interested in this opportunity please contact Kevin Shive or Daniel Coffey.

Kevin Shive
303.947.5643 kevinshive@me.com

Daniel Coffey 303.994.4510


Lee Humans of Golden


Humans of Golden

Meet Lee!  Every month we are taking a minute to highlight a homeowner or volunteer from our Day of Service primarily through social media.  “Golden is a magical place.  The first thing Obama said when he came here is, “How do you work in a place like this?  It’s too beautiful!”  Golden has an attitude of, “We’re glad you’re here.  Please stop in.”  (On having people come help with his home):  “They helped me last year too.  They painted my house.  I’ve been sick.  I don’t like to say that.  I’ve had leukemia and had a bone marrow transplant. So it’s been a battle.  Every morning to see the sunshine, it’s a treat!”


2016 New Year Update







2016 ready or not here we go!  So Jen, my wife, and I are total New Years geeks. We love this time of year!  It is a time to wipe the slate clean, ask hard questions and realign our lives with the values and direction we feel led by God to pursue.  2015 we felt led to focus on the words “inspire/inspiration”, and wow what a year it was!  We had the great privilege to start a new business, produce a film and engage in our kids’ lives as they pursued college and high school.  As for our work in community through Community Faith in Action, we got to be a part of some awesome activity and relationships.  I continue to be inspired by the servant hearts of so many in our town.  I had a good friend put his life on hold for 4 months to help me build out Jen’s new business Connects Workspace where our offices now reside, we had hundreds step up and help us film a feature length movie in 4 weeks called 2nd Greatest, and 475+ became “tools” this year in the efforts to help those in our community living on the margins through our Neighborhood Rehab Project.  Thank you to all of you who gave of your time, talents and finances to make this last year so special.  2016 is starting out with the word “nurture” in mind.  We are excited to nurture the people, opportunities, growth and resources God has brought into our lives.  I plan to personally carry this same mentality and passion into my leadership within the community.  With that in mind here are some of the goals I am setting in place as I lead our team forward:

Community Faith in Action– to strengthen our infrastructure internally, which will help us further our mission to create sustainable change within the community.

  • Contracted our part-time grant administrator, Emma Cole.
  • Meeting with a business coach who can help us with infrastructure.
  • Empower our board of directors to serve in their strengths.
  • Host a spring story telling fundraising event.

Neighborhood Rehab Project– To create a strong homeowner support team that will walk with those we are helping from assessment, to completion and follow up.

Rocky Mountain Police Chaplains– To help Kevin Shive, our director, and his advisory team have the resources and infrastructure needed to manage the growth and development of this project.  Knowing that in the end officers and their families will receive great care throughout the metro area!

Thanks again for all the wonderful support you all have given in the past year and I look forward to a great partnership going forward this New Year!


October 2015


We are excited to invite you to the Golden Premier of 2nd Greatest!  2nd Greatest is a drama inspired by true stories, set & filmed in Golden, CO.  A pastor, homeless drunk and a police officer must discover a way to bring unity to a lost community and to themselves.  Like our Facebook Page @ 2ndGreatestMovie.  For ticket purchases please go to…  https://2ndgreatestpremier.eventbrite.com

The event will be held on November 22 in the Bunker Auditorium at the School of Mines Green Center.  Hope to see you there!




Looking to be a tool?!  Better yet… a tool dressed as an elf?  We are looking forward to seeing all of you who love to run (or volunteer for support staff) at our 2nd Annual Be A Tool 5K.  All proceeds from the race go towards materials for our annual Day of Service which this past September mobilized over 400 volunteers and impacted over 40 Golden neighbor’s homes with needed repair and care.  Mark your calendars for Saturday November 28th!  Registration is now open at www.beatool.org!  Email info@beatool.org if you are interested in volunteering.